Equitarian Initiative’s mission is to educate owners, community animal health workers, veterinary students, and local veterinarians for improved working equid health care. To create long-term changes and have successful impacts on the health of the working equids, EI develops partnerships in each region we work. These partnerships include collaboration and training for both domestic and international veterinarians, technicians, farriers, equine scientists, and students.

To enhance sustainability and local problem-solving, we prioritize participation of veterinarians and students who are local to the countries and communities in which we work, but we do offer limited volunteer spaces on our annual programs.

EI programs vary in size and in the number of available volunteer positions. Each team is comprised of trained program leaders, EI instructors (previously have volunteered with EI), and new volunteers. We prioritize volunteers who seek long-term engagement and are invested in EI’s leadership development.

How to Apply to Volunteer With EI:

»Domestic and international veterinarians, technicians, farriers, equine scientists, and students ONLY. ««


Applications will be available for all programs on the EI website from January 1st – March 31st, 2024. Applications include a professional letter of reference. (www.equitarianinitiative.org/application)


When the application window has closed, a working equid educational course will be offered via Canvas to those who applied. This is an in depth look at the global context of working equids, and EI’s program model. Completion of the course is required for program placement consideration and will be open for 8 weeks following the application deadline.


Upon completion of the Canvas course, the EI board of directors and volunteer management committee will review and consider all eligible applicants for the following year.


Applicants will be notified of application status in June 2024 (project preference can be noted on the application, but there is no guarantee of country-specific placement). Due to limited volunteer capacity, applicants will either be notified of a program placement opportunity or will be waitlisted for program placement into the following year.


Upon project invitation and acceptance, additional program-specific orientations with your program leader and team will be scheduled in preparation for trip, including student orientations, if applicable. All volunteers are required to sign our liability waiver, code of conduct, and secure medical evacuation insurance in preparation for trip.


Expenses: Volunteers are required to provide their own airfare and $500 for program expenses (cost may vary depending on trip).


*Volunteer vacancies are limited. Completion of the application process does not guarantee program placement. Applicants are limited to veterinarians, students, veterinary technicians, farriers, animal scientists, and educators.

Testimonials From Volunteers

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