Give the gift of health for working equids and the 650 million people who depend on them across the globe.


Equitarian Initiative is a registered non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status. All donations are tax-deductible.

Your gift helps us deliver education and treatment for working animals and their owners. These animals are vital in enabling income generation, transportation, and subsistence agriculture for their families and the global community. Your donation supports:

Direct Aid

Vaccinations, parasite control, surgery, dentistry, wound management, physical examinations and farriery


Hands-on education and training for working animal owners, veterinary students, and local community animal health workers


Community education and engagement and grassroots organizing in EI service communities

Capacity Building

Greater impact though new program growth and organizational development

The EI scholarship fund provides financial aid for incoming EI leaders from training to program expenses. Priority will be given to international participants whose enhanced knowledge and skills will contribute to local sustainability in EI service regions, and young veterinary professionals whose participation in EI programs may be cost prohibitive in their early years of practice. Scholarship funds support:

Leadership Development

Including skills training, instructor training and resources, and program facilitation


Continued education though program participation, hands-on learning, and specialized instruction


Improved quality of working animal healthcare and preventative medicine through LOCAL intervention and education


The cultivation of trained and experienced leaders will help grow and develop new programs to reach more working animals in need

Adopt a Donkey

These one-of-a-kind donkeys were hand-crafted by a women’s collective in Mullakas Peru, an EI service region. This community relies predominately on donkeys to support their livelihoods through transportation, tourism, agriculture, and household chores. The Mullakas women’s collective helps local women develop opportunities for income generation through the production and sale of textiles, crafts, and local goods.

*Limited supply
*$100 minimum donation to receive a donkey

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Adopt-a-donkey to support EI Scholarships
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