2020 Supplemental Workshop Application
Which scholarship are you applying for? *
If a graduate veterinarian:
Please have two people that know you well write a letter of reference addressing the strengths you will bring to the Workshop. At least one of the persons must be a veterinarian. The letters must be signed and submitted via by the deadline above, either by uploading them below, or by emailing to: drcassie@uwalumni.com
Upload files from your 2 references

Maximum file size: 268.44MB

The requested information below should be submitted in the field below as a personal essay addressing the described points.

1.) Please provide an introduction about yourself, including:

  1. Leadership and teaching experience
  2. Experience with horses, donkeys or mules
  3. Career goals
  4. International, non-profit, or volunteer experience

2.) Explain why you would like to participate in Equitarian work on this trip, and how you envision this experience will impact your future career or personal goals.

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