From Amy McLean: Our work in Fez, Morocco

I’ve seen more today at the American Fonduk than I’ve seen in a life time with mules. There have been mules covered in lacerations full of infection from a bout of colic, one we named Paddy who his an owner found a week later, a mule only taking food from his owner’s hands prior to being euthanized to fly infested fistula of the withers, tongues hanging out of mules’ mouth from permanent damage from ring bits as well as an emergency case that just came in with a mule being hit by a car and his head open to his sinus cavity and many more. The hooves and shoeing is another can of worms from rubber from tires nailed on with roofing nails to extremely low heels and long toes.

On the bright side, many of the owners do care about their working equids and have brought them here for care. I have made friends with the grey mule, Paddy hoping he will heal from all his lacerations which is being treated with honey. The varies cases have been beneficial for the study at UCD looking at pain recognition in mules and donkeys. The photos represent some of the cases seen at this amazing clinic that runs off of donations under the direction of Dr GiGi Kay. In addition, a great internship is set up with several vet schools and multiple very well renowned and skilled veterinarians come and donate their time (like Dr Stacy Tinkler!) and all these efforts help the mules, donkeys and horses of Fez.


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