by Dr. Judy Batker

We have a large team of veterinarians and vet students here at Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. There are 8 vets from Wisconsin, Illinois and Missouri. 10 veterinary students are working with the vets, 9 from Wisconsin and 1 from Iowa. Along with these teams are several assistants including 2 people from Boehringer Ingleheim who is a major sponsor of this project.

We have vaccinated over 300 horses in the past 2 days, dewormed nearly as many andcastrated 60 horses, with 11 cyptorchid

s.  Dental work has been done on about 25 horses

with many more checked and not needing work. There were also several lamenesses, wounds and a few mass removals.

The body condition of the horses has been good, hoof condition in general good. If there is an imbalance however viagra pills they are severely deformed. We have 1 farrier from Montana who has been working with native people on hoof care. Some of the people here have taken a week long farrier course and are now getting to practice those skills with us.


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