by Dr Otto

Today's journey was comparatively mild, only 45 minutes in the back of a 4-WD open-back Toyota truck, but encountered no rivers and no rain!  The work site, Los Encuentros,, was fabulous.  I am gaining a new respect for church and school and yards; as the most excellent of work-sites.!
We performed 4 castrations, shade provided by a huge ancient tree, All went well and we enjoyed gentle, uneventful recoveries! A severe back p

roblem was treated surgically; these are relatively common in  Guatemala.
We also saved the life

of a dog with

a severe dystocia, which progressed to a ruptured uterus. It was a terrific opportunity to spay the multiparous animal,and although she is still in critical condition, she is a sweet dog and a real fighter.
Our last work day is tomorrow: we have 6 castrations scheduled, but our reality is almost always NOT what we expect.
Hasta Pronto


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