by Drs David Turoff and Adrienne Otto

Nuevo Modelo is about as isolated as you can get; a village at the end
of the road; beyond which  to the east is a river crossing, and then
horse trails into the mountainous border with Belize. We

got there
yesterday after a moderately challenging drive, and treated about 50
horses, including 4 routine castrations, many dental interventions, and
three cases of traumatic bursitis of the whithers. Last year we saw many
more than that, but many of our patients have to swim the Rio Mopan to
get to the site, and this year the river was too full to allow that.

These whithers lesions are an interest

ing staple of the case lode here
in Guatemala, resulting from trauma to the withers due to overload, poor
body condition, and ill-fitting tack. False bursae form at the point of
contact, and often drain and become purulent. They seem to heal best
with ventral drainage, removal of all necrotic and bursal tissue, and
primary closure dorsally of that can be achieved. Owners are the advised
with respect to loading practices.

The internet connection here is inadequate to send pictures, but we will
try when possible to do so. Today we visit the village of Salpet, and
expect a moderate case load (perhaps 30 horses)…………..more later.


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