Samana – Day 2

Another beautiful day in the tropics has come and gone with some memorable scenes and fascinating insights.  No pictures tonight, Internet pretty sketchy and the meaningful events can’t be digitized. Euthanized 3 today and they are buried together in a beautiful grave on the side of a buy cheap viagra grassy hill in a meadow with their friends looking on.  This is the most I done at one time since a racetrack fire so long ago.  Two were, as I explained last night, in need of the gift of a humane release from a life of unending work followed by one of unresponsive pain.  The third was at end of 3 decades of service as a tourist horse wonderful care and a musculoskeletal and dental system that was failing fast.  Knee deep in grass, each was fed a last mango by Kim, sedated and then anesthetized beside an 8 foot hole. There were many tears, but as I explained to the students: we vets have to know how to be humane and deadly proficient at what we do, and our eyes and thoughts must be clear and focused to allow others to grieve appropriately.


We can cry later, only after the job is done, instruments and meds secured.  We must be almost invisible, directing and performing but not interfering.  Once comfortable with the rightness of the deed, press ahead and be prepared for anything!  Valuable lessons in this day and age for sure. Neither student had ever seen an equine euthanasia, but once explained they performed admirably. We made sure each was deeply asleep before a quick cardiac puncture and injection of potassium chloride stopped the heart and they faded away.


We were able to do this at the end of a busy day when we hosted the Dean of the vet school in SD, Dr. Jose Hernandez who is exploring new avenues and affiliations for his students.  We will join with them via Project Samana and Tufts.  Exciting new relationships are already underway.  He is aware of the Equitarions work and will be part of them in the future I am sure.
Now, off to bed, have a farrier clinic with Steve O Grady tomorrow in El Limon.  Always exciting… More later and photos next time.


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