Philanthropic Veterinary Care for the
Working Horses of the Developing World

Our Mission

Equitarian Initiative prepares volunteer veterinarians worldwide to deliver health care and education to improve the health, nutrition, productivity, and welfare of horses, donkeys and mules, and to empower their care providers for sustainable change.

Our Story

In partnership with the Equine Network, we are proud to share the story of the Equitarian Initiative! This film was shot on location at our 2018 program in Peru and explores both the beauty and complexity of working animals and their welfare.


From now until October 1st, 2019, your donation will be matched dollar for dollar up to $5,000!

We harness the expertise of volunteer veterinarians, veterinary technicians, animal scientists, students, educators, and advocates to offer programs internationally and in the U.S. to improve working equid health and welfare. We collaborate with partner nonprofits and universities to address working equid welfare in innovative ways and to support the communities which rely on them.

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By donating to Equitarian Initiative, you are supporting the health of working equids and also helping improve the lives of the families that depend on them. Thank you for your generosity!


Are you interested in donating your expertise to help working equids and the communities they serve? We need you! Learn about ways and opportunities to contribute!


The annual Equitarian Workshop will combine hands-on training, fieldwork and continuing education in a community of need. Join us for our 2020 workshop in Costa Rica!

With trained veterinarians, we travel around the world to help communities care for their working equids.


Working equids are a source of financial stability for families and they relieve burdens for women and children in particular.


Mules and donkeys in particular play a pivotal role in developing rural communities across the world.

The Future

Over the next 50 years, if changes in climate and availability of fuels continue, it is likely that more people, not fewer, will come to depend on working animals.

A Holistic Approach

To positively affect change, engagement and dialog with practical, positive, and achievable advice is required.


We must emphasize the role of the working equid in society and we must try to generate legislative support for the equine species in the economic structure of the countries concerned.

We Are All Connected.

From our clothes to our coffee to our coconut water, we are all benefitting from the hard work of these beautiful animals. Working equids play an integral role in our own consumerism, carrying the raw ingredients for products we later buy from field to market. Our consumerism literally rests on their backs!


Supporting the Equitarian Initiative allows you to practice responsible consumption and advocate for the welfare of animals. But it’s not only that. The families that own and care for these beasts of burden suffer economically when their animals are not well and cannot work.


By facilitating our mission, you support not only the health of working equids but also the health of the families that depend on them…and you can enjoy that coconut water guilt free.

What are working equids?




These animals work day in and out to support and sustain communities all over the world. By educating those who care for them, we facilitate the health of the entire community.

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