About Equitarian Initiative, LLC

The AAEP, AAEP Foundation, WHW, Donkey Sanctuary, HSVMA and UNAM came together in Oct, 2010 to put on the first annual Equitarian Workshop in Veracruz, Mexico. This workshop was designed to teach veterinarians about the problems and needs of the working equid. The workshop has become an annual event occurring in October. From this gathering a need has grown to help dissipate information to help the initiative grow and connect interested parties.

Our Vision

A world where every working horse, donkey and mule receives basic health care.

Our Mission Statement

Equitarian Initiative prepares volunteer veterinarians worldwide to deliver health care and education to improve the health, nutrition, productivity, and welfare of horses, donkeys and mules, and to empower their care providers for sustainable change.

What We Do

Equitarian Initiative trains and inspires volunteer veterinarians to organize and deliver health care to working horses, donkeys and mules in ever-growing areas of the world, as well as to provide education for animal care providers to sustainably improve animal welfare. These objectives are accomplished by provision of direct aid, collaboration, education and inspiration:

  • Direct aid – Through hands-on learning and discussion at the Equitarian Workshop and Equitarian projects throughout many parts of the world, veterinarians are empowered and mentored to join and start health care delivery and education projects.
  • Collaboration – Equitarian Initiative and individual volunteer veterinarians maintain project success by partnering with local veterinarians, veterinary colleges and charities that share our vision.
  • Education – An emphasis on community partnership creates a two-way educational discussion in which working equid caretakers communicate the value of the animals and volunteers share best methods of animal care.
  • Inspiration – We increase public awareness of the vital role working equids play in developing economies and the critical support they provide for the livelihood of the families that depend on them.

Who We Are

Equitarian Initiative is a non-profit corporation established by equine veterinarians to sustainably improve working equid health by harnessing the passion and expertise of volunteer veterinarians. We work synergistically with other international non-profit organizations and veterinary colleges to enhance both learning opportunities and availability of basic health care in areas of need in the United States and internationally.

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