Student & Recent Graduate Travel Grants

Several grants will be offered for attendees of the 2017 Equitarian trip to Honduras and the 2018 Equitarian Workshop in Costa Rica. Applicants must be a senior veterinary student at an AVMA-accredited veterinary college or have graduated from one in the last 5 years. Applications and more information are available on our website.

Equitarian Initiative

The Equitarian Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to the needs of the world’s working equids (horses, donkeys, and mules). We provide hands-on education and discussion about field medicine, surgery, nutrition, dentistry, and farriery and about the creation of sustainable Equitarian programs through education and local partnership.

Apply Online For the Equitarian Workshop


Applications due June 1, 2017

Upcoming Travel Grants


October 20 -29, 2017


Costa Rica
January 5 -13th, 2018

Without a doubt in my mind, the most valuable aspect of this project was the opportunity to be surrounded by excited and compassionate people who share my interests. My professional network has ballooned, and I now have colleagues dotted all across North and Central America. I leave this trip feeling confident and supported to develop my career in this field.

Alisa Alden, 2017 recipient